Devgad Education Board

Devgad Education Board was established on 9th December 1933 in Mumbai. Great Marathi literary legend Late N. C. alias Tatyasheb Kelkar was the first president of the organization. Devgad Education Board is the first institution of education in Devgad (District Sindhudurg) taluka. At the beginning of the twentieth century, people were desperate and dying to get independence for India. It was necessary for the people of the country to be educated along with the independence at that time.

Great Indian leaders and freedom fighters such as Tilak and Agarkar took the initiative to set up a different institutions for the promotion of education. Keeping the same ideology in mind many dedicated and social leaders were trying with best of their efforts to facilitate education and socio-economic development of the taluka. At that time, the education lovers of Devgad taluka, who were settled for jobs and business in Mumbai, came together and formed the ‘Devgad Education Board’.

In the establishment of ‘Devgad Education Board’ Late Dr. V. N. alias Babasaheb Rege, Late. Bhaskarrao Gogte, Late Raobahadur, Late Shridhar G. Achrekar, Late. M D. Patankar, Late R. W. Nene, Late W. W. Gadre, Late N. S. Velankar, Late J. N. Kale, Late G. R. Bapat, Late N. S. Nadkarni, Late T. G. Marathe, Late. D. B. Mayekar, Late P. S. Rane were some of the educationists who took initiative.

Since 1880 in Devgad, social activists Late Pandurang K. Kareker, Late. Bhaskarrao Gogte, Late Moropant Gogte, Late. Vasudev S. Marathe, Late. Shankarrao Kulkarni had continued to contribute by conducting English education classes. Later with the initiatives from Raobabahadur Abasaheb Valanju, Late Abasaheb Nadkarni and Late Gopal Laxman alias Bhausaheb Joshi, “L. R. Joshi Memorial Sriram English School “was established in Devgad. In fact, this was the start of actual education in Devgad taluka.

Devgad Education Board after completion of all legal and other formalities bought over 2 acres of land for construction of the school in Devgad, in 1934. On 31st December 1934, on this land, a ceremony of corner stone foundation for school building was done at the hands of N. C. Kelkar. Based on the donations given by the philanthropes, the construction of the building was completed by the end of 1935. On seeing the progress and well-being of the Board, the directors of ‘Shriram English School’ handed it over to Devgad Education Board on 1 November 1935 for its better management. At the time of the establishment of the Board, sowing of a small seed was flourishing in the form of ‘Shriram English School’.

Around 1937 Late Raobahadur, Late Shri. G. Achrekar, through his friendliness with Haribhai Kalyanji, got him close to the Devgad Education Board and as a result, the ‘Shriram English School’ was renamed as ‘Sheth Mafatlal Gaglabhai High School’ on April 9, 1938 for the generous and rich donation given by Shrimant Sheth Mafatlal Gagalbhai. From the small donations given by the donors, board started constructing buildings one after the other in the school premises. In this way, gradually by adding class after class the whole premises was transformed into a full fledged school. And at the beginning of 1941, the student started appearing for matriculation examination from the school. Locals in the village of Wade in Devgad were also trying to spread education. The dedicated education lovers in the village were very eager to have school imparting English education and were tirelessly working toward fulfilling that dream. This philosophy was in the minds of the teaching fanatic people. With the dedicated joint efforts of Late Dikshit Guruji, Late Raobahadur, Late G. Achrekar, Late R. D. Wadekar, Late Dr. V. V. Nene, Late S. S. Kelkar, Late Moropant Joshi, on September 13, 1955, the ‘Secondary School’ was started. In the same year the school was handed over to the Devgad Education Board for efficient management. The board started the construction of the school building by buying land in the middle of Wade village. Late Mr. Jagannath Ananth Kelkar, owner of “Shree Krishna Jagannath” in Mumbai gave generous and huge donation to the institution. Late Mr. Arvindbhai Mafatlal of Mafatlal Industries Ltd. also gave a huge donation to the organization. Due to these generous donations made by many donors, the construction of the school buildings was completed. According to the wishes of Late Mr. Kelkar, “Secondary School” was renamed as “Anant Krishna Kelkar High School”. Pandit Mahadevshastri Joshi, a well-known literary scholar, was present as the chief guest on this opening ceremony. In this way ‘Anant Krishna Kelkar High School’ was transformed into a full fledged school in 1958 and started it’s successful journey. Thus, a successful development of two secondary schools namely ‘Sheth Mafatlal Gaglabhai High School, Devgad’ and ‘Anant Krishna Kelkar High School, Wada’ started under the efficient management of Devgad Education Board. Both school buildings and other essential facilities on the land owned by the organization are standing today due to the generous shelter of donors. Both the schools have a well-cultured, self-serving, facilitator and because of very dedicated Principals, both the schools have progressed rapidly and have got the reputation of being from the best schools in the district.