Anant Kishna Kelkar High School, Wada Taluka Devgad

Local communities of Wada in Devgad also tried to spread education. Some private schools of English education were also being run. In 1934, the institute was formed. The primary school of Wada was managed by this institution. It was in the minds of education lover in the state that a free English school should be started at Wada. Cai Dukshit Guruji, Late. R. D. Wadekar, Ravabahadur Shree C. Achrekar, Dr. Vs W Nene, L. S Shi Kelkar, Late For the relentless efforts of Moropant Joshi, “Secondary School, Wade” English school was started on September 13, 1955. Cai Vs G Bhagwat was the first headmaster of the school. Some of the members of the education panel were associated with the Deogarh Education Board. Devgad in Sheth Ma. C. This school was set up under the control of the High School, Devgad Education Board, which was supported by a strong financial support and in that year the school was handed over to the Devgad Education Board.

From 1956 onwards, Govind Hari Mutalik was appointed as the Principal. “Lord Krishna Jagannath” in Mumbai Mr. Jagannath Ananth Kelkar has paid richly for the school and expressed his desire to name the school according to his wishes. Accordingly, the secondary education office was renamed “Anant Krishna Kelkar High School”. Mr. Sheth New Moon Mafatlal was also given a big donation for the school. With such a small donation, funds started to grow. The construction of the school building started in the middle of Vadegaon and the construction of the school building started. The inauguration ceremony of the house and the new building was done on 26-12-1958 at the auspicious hands of Mahamopadhyay Pandit Mahadevshastri Joshi. The main building of the school was named “Sheth Mafatlal Gaglabhai Vidya Mandir”. Mr. Sheth Jagannath Ananth Kelkar in the year 1972.

The school also gave the prize money to the institution including two houses, wells, and mango gardens of the school owned by them. Kelkar family Sharad Chandra Kelkar, Gangabai. Kelkar, Madhukar J. Kelkar also gave rich donations to the organization. From there, arrangements have been made for Sports Exhibition Temple, toilet for girls, Principal residence and well.

From June 1977 to the school etc. Classes 5 to 7 were started. And the school was converted into a full school of 5 to 10 V. Since 1969-70, the school has been selected as the school’s center under the school system of the Central Government. Considering the increasing needs of the school, the school had to become aware of a multicultural auditorium. Cai Due to the priceless donation given by Dattopant Babaji Bhide, the construction of the hostel was started in 1980 and the auditorium “Cai. Babaji Krishna and Tatya Bhidea Hall “were renamed. An independent computer room has been set up in the school and computer teaching courses have been started. Savitribai Phule Adoption Scheme Change Center Shrikrishna Jagannath Ekkaika Competition, Computer Education, Exercise Mandir, Music Class etc. are being successfully conducted. Cai Go Yes Mutalik, Mr. Yes Yes Joshi, Mr. Ch The school has become more productive due to the benefit of Headmaster School like S Shingade. The results of the school examinations are increasingly increasing. Students studying in the school are shining in different areas and getting names as a renowned school.